Thursday, May 15, 2008

Everything about me loathes blogging.

No offense to you blogenators. It's just...ick.
But now it's like everyone I know is really spread out, so I figured, well, fine. If I'm going to hell, at least it will be half-assedly documented on the Internet for all the world to see.
Of course, now that I've arrived, blogging will suddenly become cool and everyone will start doing it and soon everybody will want their own blog and I'll be like, "Really, y'all, it's just some words on a screen. It's not like I'm brilliant or revolutionary." And, oh, how you all will protest. And I'll say, "Truly, it's like the words just write themselves." And I'll blush and maybe look down or something while you all praise me for being demure and sweet and so, so modest.
So thanks and all in advance for your loving words and kindness. Just try to keep it original and make sure your prose actually flows well. Trite and choppy composition makes me itchy.


Esmerelda said...

No pictures. Harumph. Are you itchy yet?

Robin said...

Will there be a tutorial on making a bacon beacon? I would love that ever so much.

Scott Childress said...

at first i felt kind of dorky blogging - but (like everything else you touch) it now seems so cool. welcome to the blogoshere.

lisha said...

I know that you just wanted to be like me. Yes, it is all about me. Copycat. ;)